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Becoming a NUmedia Customer or STAR Promoter


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You can get NuMedia now and start watching over 1500 HDTV channels with unlimited HD premium movies within minutes after your order is successfully processed.

Media Packages

NUmedia - USA Media Pkg

NuMedia Gives You LIVE HD TV, All Sports Channels, Premium Channels, Children’s Channels, Thousands of Movies On Demand and Huge International Channels. 

And best of all, there is NO additional costs to refer and earn with NuMedia and earn.

NUmedia (USA) & 7UPTV (Global) Media Pkgs

You can become a "Global Promoter" for NUmedia USA and 7UPTV global media. 
Becoming a Global Marketer allows you to access unlimited referral potential in most countries with over 10,000 live HD TV channels, 12,000+ Movies On Demand, 
All Sports Channels, Premium Channels, Children’s Channels and Huge International Channels. 



1 STAR Promoter


Most affordable way to start your NUmedia business. 

Benefit: Get Two 1 STAR Promoter Vouchers worth $200*

2 STAR Promoter


For serious business builders who wish to jump start their business from 1st day.

Benefit: Get Five 1 STAR Promoter Vouchers worth $500*

3 STAR Promoter


Ideal "upgrade package" for building your NUmedia teams on the global stage.

Benefit: Get Ten 1 STAR Promoter Vouchers worth $1000*

Promoter Vouchers:  When you become a 1, 2 or 3 STAR Promoter, you get Promoter Vouchers to sign up other 1 STAR Promoters and you 100% of the $99 payment so you can instantly become profitable while building your referral teams.
All promoters must first join as a Customer for $49.95 mo or $69.95 mo before upgrading to a STAR Promoter Level.

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You can also join as a 1, 2 or 3 STAR Promoter and earn infinity bonuses and monthly residual up to 8 levels deep.

UPGRADE:  You can also upgrade to 1, 2, 3 STAR Promoter Level if you have a STAR Voucher from your sponsor.

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