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1 STAR Promoter


Most affordable way to start your NUmedia business. 

2 STAR Promoter


For serious business builders who wish to jump start their business from 1st day.

3 STAR Promoter (Upgrade)


Ideal "upgrade package" for building your NUmedia teams on the global stage.


Becoming a 1, 2 or 3 STAR Level Promoters includes huge benefits to build a solid income base that can turn into realzing your lifelong dream of financial independence.

Duplicating your efforts by building your marketing Teams is one of the fastest and most lucrative ways to financial independence with your NuMedia business opportunity. A path to immediate, daily and weekly “unlimited” earnings.


HUGE GROWTH POTENTIAL: Did you know that the cable media industry is forecast to grow by over $141 Billion by 2026 with an average growth over 10% annually. 

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED: No matter what level of experience you have, NuMedia can provide you with an outstanding opportunity to build your own highly profitable referral business.  

TOTAL FLIEXIBILITY: If you're looking for an income opportunity that offers flexibility, customization and unlimited growth potential...NuMedia has the perfect business for you.

IDEAL FOR NON PROFITS: You can instantly share our NuMedia services with your religous non-profit organization, schools, sports teams, clubs and help them earn money each and every day.

SIMPLY SHARE and EARN: NuMedia is one of the easiest marketing programs you'll ever do.  You simply give away 24 hour free trial accounts to everyone you know to start earning money.  It's that simple.

DAILY PAY: NuMedia pays you each and every day for your efforts. No need to wait a week or a month to get your earnings.